Arsenic Levels in Rice: Is it too Risky to Eat Rice Today?

riceIt seems that we are no longer protected from the presence of numerous chemicals around us. Despite the fact that some farmers grow organic rice, the brown rice in the US has been found to be contaminated with certain levels of arsenic. To explain, arsenic is a chemical is naturally found in groundwater all over the world. Although studies suggest of its potential cure in cancer diseases, arsenic poisoning is something that we should just watch over and go by each day, especially after what FDA announced about US’ brown rice.

Rice is a very staple food not only in Asian countries, but also in Western places. It is one of the best sources of carbohydrates and it gives you the feeling of fullness immediately. Because of this, the consumers have made sure that their battle in making authorized agencies, particularly FDA, delve deeper into this subject matter should not be disregarded. Fortunately, FDA added that the chemical is said to be present for about 3 to 7 micrograms per serving, a percentage that is deemed safe, so it does not pose any potential risk to human health. On the one hand, the study included the thousands of rice and rice types around the world as well as rice cakes and infant cereals, and not limited to US’ brown rice only. Nevertheless, studies show that brown rice contains higher levels of arsenic compared to white rice because of how both types of rice is processed.

Conversely, even organic farmers and agencies have noted that organic rice may also show certain levels of arsenic in it. Arsenic basically gets into rice thru its roots since it’s naturally planted into the water on the ground, which is apparently arsenic’s natural location is found. Therefore, despite the absence of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers that some farmers use to grow rice well, arsenic could still get in touch with these plants because of the way it’s grown.

Researchers from FDA have also noted that they will make a deeper assessment about this fact and should be able to provide the consumers a thorough detail about it in a few months. It should be noted that FDA also released a statement that apple juice also contain arsenic levels, which is then followed by their claim that rice also contains such chemicals. While waiting about the standards of consuming rice and the detailed research of FDA, let’s not forget that there are a lot of things that we can do to stay healthy and eating rice is just a fraction of those things.