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Breast Cancer Facts

breast-cancerThere is only one way of combating against your enemy – and that is learning more about it. In this case, we will get to know more about breast cancer. Though you might not want to delve more about the sickness, knowing that it has claimed tons of lives over the past centuries, you can actually obtain lots of benefits out of researching more about breast cancer. These benefits range from breast cancer symptoms and signs and breast cancer prevention, which is what we should all focus into. By the end of this article, you should also be able to learn more about breast cancer that you might have not known yet.

  • It is one of the leading causes of death. Studies show that in US alone, 1 in every 8 women has been diagnosed to have breast cancer and that hundred thousands of women in the same country have been diagnosed to the mentioned disease each year. Sadly, 40,000 of them dies from the said sickness as some of them have been too late to fight against it. Last 2008, it has been recorded that about 7.6 million people died from cancer worldwide with breast cancer deaths leading in the said data.
  • Men can also die from breast cancer. Although such case is rare due to the lack of female hormones, which actually promote the growth of breast cancer cells, there are also records of men having died to breast cancer because they also have breast tissues. Technically, the cancer cells start from the breast tissues, which make men vulnerable to the same disease as well. On the one hand, they can also suffer from other breast disorders including gynecomastia, which is an increase of the amount of a man’s breast tissue.
  • About 30% of those who smoke increase their risks in acquiring breast cancer. The American Cancer Society released a report in 2013, stating that women who smoke early in life increase their vulnerability to acquiring breast cancer later. This is also associated to the report released last 2010 that women who smokes just before they have their first child also increase their risk to breast cancer. Such findings are largely correlated to the fact that cigarettes, especially those found in tobacco, have tons of chemicals that somehow affect the woman’s hormones. The said hormones are responsible in the trigger of cancer cells situated in the breast area. On the one hand, quitters decrease their risks up to 13%.
  • Did you know that Cleaning for A Reason Website offers free house cleaning to women undergoing breast cancer treatments? The application is pretty easy; go to their website, check for available maid services in the area; and click Cancer Patients tab to apply. However, only 50 applicants are acknowledged daily, so you have to be prepared with all the necessary requirements to be acknowledged and scheduled. Requirements include certifications and proofs that you are indeed undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Records show that women from age 35-50 have the highest risk of getting breast cancer. But, did you know that the youngest survivor of breast cancer is a 3 year old girl? Her name is Aleisha from Ontario, Canada, who had to go through mastectomy in 2010 to cure her from juvenile breast cancer.
  • Hormones, specifically oestrogen and progesterone, which are present in a woman’s body, have a lot to do with breast cancer. Because of this, women in their 50’s should avoid or take precautions when having hormone replacement therapy. This is also the very reason that the majority of breast cancer patients are women.
  • What you do today can greatly affect your risk in getting breast cancer in the future. This sickness is dependent to your current lifestyle. If you have sedentary lifestyle, you may need to get up and walk, get sweaty, and move your butt at least 45 minutes each day. Research shows that those who do vigorous physical activities per week have 25% less chances of having breast cancer later in life while those who do simple and not so strenuous activities like fun walking, decrease their chances of getting breast cancers for up to 15%. Sadly, those who don’t move or sweat it out a lot increase their risk to the disease for up to 23%. This goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to have gym memberships or spend 30 minutes in the track and field to perspire. Fun run, leisure walk, and the likes can deliberately help you in this aspect.
  • What you eat can apparently affect your body’s defenses against breast cancer. If you eat foods that have high contents of sugar, bad fats, sodium, and preservatives, your body’s defenses become vulnerable to cancers. Because of this, it is highly recommended to only eat nutritious and natural foods or those sans preservatives. In fact, fast foods and menus from restaurants are to be minimized to avoid getting the cancer cells triggered by the foods’ dirty contents. Whereas, if you cook food at home, you can be confident that condiments are minimized and that the raw materials are clean and fresh.
  • The US holds the highest mortality rates of women diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, statistics show that at least 100 women die of breast cancer every day while there are currently 2.5 millions survivors of breast cancers residing in the US today.
  • Research shows that yearly mammogram made by women in the age of 50 and above can deliberately decrease the chances of them getting breast cancers later in life.
  • Malignant tumors are typically firm and irregular in shape while benign tumors are likely to be round and soft. Nevertheless, going to the doctor is the best key when you feel a lump, tenderness, swelling, or any strangeness in either of your breasts.
  • Did you know that menstruating early, under the age 12, or experiencing late menopause after 50 can put you at risk to breast cancer later in life?
  • Breastfeeding for less than a year or not having breastfeed at all are other instances that increase your risk to acquiring breast cancer in the future. In fact, it has always been known that breastfeeding deliberately decreases your chance from this disease, and the longer the duration, the greater the benefits. On the one hand, taking contraception pills can also make you vulnerable to the said health issue.
  • Did you know that having a work that affects your sleeping pattern can deliberately increase your risk to breast cancer? Research shows that people who work during graveyard shifts, specifically nurses, flight attendants, call center agents, and the likes, have increased chances of having breast cancer if they opt for long term employment.
  • Studies show that taking about 25 antibiotics for 17 years can increase breast cancer exposure.
  • Surprisingly, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that women who take multivitamins for a long time increase their exposure to breast cancer.
  • Apparently, there is a great association between weight and breast cancer. It has been reported that women who becomes overweight, especially after their menopausal stage, tend to expose themselves to breast cancer later in life.
  • Did you know that some physicians even blame sex for a woman’s acquisition of breast cancer? They noted that sex deficiency causes reproductive organs, including the breasts, to putrefy, which can then lead to breast cancer.
  • Finally, stress can worsen any signs of health woes and can apparently trigger cancer cells, too.
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