Car Buying Guides

Car-Buying-GuideYou have decided to buy a car for you, do you have any idea which will be a right choice for you, whether you want a brand new car or an used car. This is the main point which most of the car buyers think when they are making their mind to buy a car.

A new car option is a very fascinating  but always not suitable financially. As prices for new brand cars are always high. If you learn the driving recently, than while driving you should be careful enough so no damage to your new car as new car will fetch more cost in its repairing if compare to old car.

If you choose the option to buy old used car than lesser price you need to pay,  also old and used car has lesser depreciation value in comparison to new car. You can get good resale value because of lesser depreciations, when you later make your to sell that car. Used old cars does not require higher insurance premium so this is also a advantage. But disadvantage of used car are they will provide you less comfort and safety feature compare to new brand car. You cant trace the history so you can not get the idea  for its service and maintenance . So it is better to buy a new car with extended warranty if you are planning to buy more than 5 year old used car.  Another important factor is you should test drive the car you want to buy. It is wise to test before putting your money on a specific car. Although you will find the car good enough for a drive and car will look pretty and attractive too, but you must checked it by a professional mechanic with good integrity. You will get help of the banking executive for documentation and financing  by keep your budget in mind, they can assist you in selecting the most suitable car. Another important factor is ownership cost, after sales service and resale value. Wear and tear calculations should also be taking in to consideration. If you are going to run your car within a city not more than hundred kilometers, should choose CNG or diesel option. Also a diesel car incurs higher maintenance  cost than a petrol running car. So it is better you decide which fuel will suit you.

Hope these guidance for buying a car will be in to your favor.