Chic and Unique Green Wedding Gifts

wedding-gifts-ideasThe wedding is the magnificent moment of every couple’s life. It is about exchanging their vows and promises to the public. This ceremony binds two people to live the rest of their lives together. It is momentous event not only to the couple but also to the people who witnessed the ceremony. Ergo, whatever gifts you plan to give to the couple will also matter how important they are to you. Through this thought, it will never be easy for you to look for a gift that makes the couple remember you for its uniqueness especially when you will not give enough time to plan what chic gifts are in for such wedding celebration. Getting problems now of chic and at the same time a unique wedding gift? Stop for a moment and think. Isn’t it fashionable and different from other gifts if you have sustainable mind? Why not try to choose green wedding gift? It is absolutely memorable, unique and fashionable, as well, for the couple who is able to receive the gift from yours. These green wedding gifts also can help the couple for their eco-concerns daily lives. I just wanted to remind you that, mostly, wedding gifts are portable to carry with. Here are some of the items that may help you what green wedding gifts you will give for the couple.

Fortune Plant – A lucky charm plant that helps to add good luck for the newly wed. It’s a perfect gift for the couple wishing them a prosperous life. Aside from wishing them a good luck, you also help the couple to be involved in sustainable development. This succulent plant is relaxing to view with. It’s deem green that relaxes the couple from their works. A cool place for this plant is in the center of the table in couple’s living room. It’s easy to plant this that even in the glass vase with water, they still survived. As you plan to give it as a gift, wrapping for it is not a hustle one. Just tie the glass vase a ribbon that fits their motif. For Chinese, it symbolizes the call of abundance in money and some other instances.

Jade Plant – May the prosperous living is with you! It is the other thing that you mean as you give it to the newly couple. No one will ever unlike it as you furnish it to the couple! That’s one thing that I assure you. It adds ardor as the couple placed it near the open door. It made their home as an eco-friendly one just because of this kind of gift you gave unto them. Since this kind of plant is a family of succulent cactus, please remind the couple to not over water it. In addition, give them piece of advice that this plant is so gorgeous to beautify their home if it will not grow larger than 3 ft. If it so, trim them to maintain the auspicious appearance of it. Aside from the tremendous features of it, it’s also a hustle-free when it comes to wrapping. It can be pleasurable if it has a gorgeous pot to place the said plant.

bonsai-01Bonsai – “Oh, amazing!” That’s the probable reaction if you able to give this to the couple. As giving this to the newly wed, it is another thing of saying how pleasant exercise you exert effort from it and ingenuity patience to plant this just for them. Who will ever refuse to receive this plant? No one, I strongly stand with this idea. Aside from its gorgeous look, it adds another thing for the sustainable development of the couple as they live for the rest of their lives.

Wood Chopper – It is a unique chopper from a wood that maintains a home green one. Unlike to other choppers that made up of plastics, it enables the couple to chop any large foods, meats or some others that requires chopping for it is so durable and not easily to break in. It doesn’t need to varnish for its natural color looks like a chic vintage one.

Bamboo Box Knife Holders – Bamboo? Isn’t it short lived to use with? No, it’s not. Bamboo box knife holders are chic gifts to give for the couple. Bamboo is yet light wood but its durability exist. Aside from its durability, it is also easy renewable resources leading this chic knife holder to the eco-couple great feelings as they have seen it as one of the gifts they received.

Set of Wood Placemat – What an alluring meals the couple will take in if you choose this green wedding gift! It’s chic and unique items the couple will use for their daily lives that even they live in an urban area; they can still feel the presence of native things as they take their meals. Yes it seems that it looks old but I assure you it is so elegant to use especially when the couple have a table dinning glass.

Bamboo-TowelsBamboo Towels – It is so important for us the bath towel and same with the couple they also merely need it. What makes this towel unique and green one is that it is absolutely made in the blend of bamboo and organic cotton fibers. Through these blend fibers; it makes the towel absorbent and fast-drying, at the same time. It is a hustle-free in terms of wrapping for you will just roll it that seems like a bamboo in form and tie this with abaca rope. Then, it looks gorgeous and pleasant for everybody now!

Wood Clock – Busy-type of couple, choose a chic clock that made up of wood. You can made this or request it from handicraft stores. It is so rare for every home. This captures the attention of the couple’s guess if they will place it in their living room. Without ambiguity, couples will fabulously like it.

wood-clockEnergy-Saving Slow Cooker – Cooker is also a great memento for the newlywed since they are having happy moments as they cook their meals. Try to look for a cooker that does not use beyond 300 watts for this kind of cooker is an energy-saving and will surely helps the couple lessen their bills in electricity.

Juicer – It is the best thing to remind the couple that health is wealth. Through this gift, it encourages the couple to make some juice from the fruits and veggies. Fruit and vegetable juices are rich in vitamins and minerals that help to bring up couple and maintain their health, as well. It is easy for them to gain nourishments through the help of your juicer. Through these, you can help the lover to remain healthy and auspicious.

wood-frameWood Frames – After the ceremony, pictures for souvenirs of the momentous event of the couple’s life will be printed out. What an appropriate thing if you will choose this gift for the newlywed! It will be the first thing the couple will use for their best wedding photo. I don’t even know what is really in the woods that will fabulously looks elegant for everybody.

With the list of items that will be your chic and unique green wedding gifts, let’s just see if how the couple will be grateful, amused and surprised in reacting of seeing it! Be green and you’ll be chic and