Counting Calories in Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverages


Who has not come across with the term beer belly? And who has not known an alcoholic drinker who doesn’t seem to have the beer belly issue? We all know that this term is coined from the fact that alcoholic beverages, specifically beer, are one of the best sources of calories that goes directly to a guy’s midsection. Nevertheless, we’ll not talk about beer bellies here, but we’ll talk about why FDA has not required manufacturers to label their beverages with its calorie contents.

Honestly, I and my friends love to drink alcoholic beverages, but I’ve never had that beer belly tummy. I owe it to my daily sit-ups. If not for it, I would have probably looked 10 times older than my real age because of saggy tummy and blown butt. Despite of my love for beer, I’ve never noticed that it doesn’t have any label of contents until today. Well, its ice cold and sweet and equally warm when gulped, so who can think of the calories swimming in it when it feels refreshing and heavenly? The outcry of organizations and concerned citizens has finally been given action when the FDA gave an explanation on why they’re not putting any label on the nutritional content of alcoholic beverages, and they’re blaming the Treasury Department for it, which is in-charge of the labeling rules on such types of drinks. But the thing is, the Treasury Department has just started its job in the said field four years ago and has never been making direct decisions on drink labeling. Nevertheless, the fact that FDA has been alarmed of this public concern may be enough for them to work on this matter.

But for those who have no or little idea about the nutritional information of alcoholic drinks, here are some facts that you might want to check out:

  • 1. A bottle of 12 ounce regular beer contains 153 calories while a light choice contains 103 calories. Meanwhile, a 1.5 ounce of rum, whiskey, and 80 percent proof gin contain 97 calories while brandy and cognac contain 98 calories. On one hand, martini has the highest for a 2 ounce of martini can contain 124 calories.
  • 2. The fact remains that alcoholic beverages contain tons of calories and very few nutritional contents. It is also a myth that alcoholic beverages can really help pull down ones blood pressure level and can help a person become trimmer in the long run.
  • 3. While this is still going on, it is advised that people should take precaution when drinking alcoholic beverages to spare them from having beer bellies.