Guide to Eco-Chic Wedding Gifts

wedding-gifts-01With green weddings becoming prevalent, environmentally friendly wedding gifts are just what we need. However, due to the demanding nature of logistics necessary to achieve a green wedding, many tend to feel that coming up with eco-friendly wedding gifts is unrealistic. This is definitely not true and gift exchange is still part and parcel of green weddings just like it is with the conventional ones. Sharing being one of human’s innate characteristic fuelled by their social nature, makes exchanging of wedding gifts a very important incident. We shall therefore explore a guide to eco-chic wedding gifts.

A luxurious eco-friendly bamboo towel may be the one of the ideal eco-chic wedding gifts. The towels are made by uniquely blending bamboo threads and cotton fibres, both of which are organic and sustainable, and are coloured with natural dyes. Bamboo towels are highly absorbent and fast- drying. Moreover, the towels are anti-microbial and suitable for individuals with skin allergies.

Organic cotton bedding, inclusive of blankets, bedcovers, sheet sets and pillows, can also make very good eco-chic wedding gifts. The bedding is warm and snug as well as easy to wash. The package may also come with organic cotton robes for the bride and the bridegroom. Organic cotton robes are totally eco-friendly and, in addition, feel just soft and warm on the skin.

wedding-gifts-02Down the line in the guide to eco-chic wedding gifts is the amazing ec0-friendly bamboo reeds picnic basket for two. This hand-woven basket is made from 100% renewable, natural material and is the perfect wedding gift for green wedding couples. Newlyweds have a thing about going to picnics because of the desire to explore and find more fun together. The basket comes with a pair of wine glasses, two organic cotton serviettes, a bamboo chopping board, two pieces of dinnerware (plates, fork and tablespoons) and a cheese knife.

Among other key aspects of the guide to eco-chic wedding gifts is coming up with registries. These registries enable an eco couple to decide and give guidelines to their guests on the kind of gifts they would like to have for their wedding. The registries makes it easy for green wedding couples to ensure that they get wedding gifts that are made of eco-friendly materials. Such gift can include camping gear, compositors or tools as opposed to environmentally-harmful glass vases or a mass of platters that they don’t need at all.

wedding-gifts-03Attendant gifts are also another important factor to consider. It is good to let your guests and friends know that you have appreciated their efforts to make you green wedding a success. These attendant gifts can take numerous forms but it is crucial to make sure that these gifts are items that will last for a very long time, or are made of eco-friendly material. For instance the eco couple may regard giving their guest a treat such as taking them to a baseball game, show, massage parlour or for a spa treatment.
In the guide to eco-chic wedding gifts we also have favours that the couple may offer to their guest. Favours need not by large in size or quite expensive but something small, portable and stylish will do for favours. Locally made goodies such as candies and organic honey are among the perfect favours. The eco couple may also give out potted flowers used to decorate the tables as favours. Sharing out tree seedlings is a brilliant idea to encourage your guests to go and plant more trees, thus improving the environment.