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What you need to know about clip in hair extensions
  1. These types of hair extensions are ideal if you’re looking for extensions that are easy to use and don’t want to spend extra money on having them fitted as they’re designed to be DIY. They usually come in wefts (strips that form a band around you scalp) and simply clip into your natural hair. They’re very easy to use and are one of the quickest ways to style your hair.


    The greatest benefit of these types of extensions is the cost. You’ll only have the initial outlay of the actual extensions themselves but after that there’s pretty much no cost involved. No need to pay a salon professional to have them bonded/fitted into your hair and then refitted as your hair grows out etc.

    Is it for me?

    Clip in hair extensions are ideal if you want to be able to change your style up in a flash. If you’re looking to ass volume or length to your natural hair then you’ll find these are perfect for you. They’re available in so many styles and colours that you’re bound to find it hard to choose which ones are for you. You should only buy them however if you’re happy with the style and colour that’s described on the product however as you cannot dye or use heat products on the majority of these types of extensions (there are exceptions to this however so make sure to read all descriptions carefully)