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What you need to know about cheap hair extensions
  1. Hair extensions are super popular, easy to use and don’t have to cost the earth. Demand for them is so high due to their easiness and affordability. If you’re looking for cheap hair extensions try to limit your options to help you make the right choice. It helps if you know what length you’re wanting, what shade and the size – do you want a few clip-in pieces or a full head extension? If you know what you’re looking for in terms of these questions then you’ll find it a lot easier to find cheap hair extensions.


    Cheap hair extensions are a great way to alter your hair in a non-permanent way if you’re on a budget. Fancy a different colour or want to add some waves to your otherwise poker-straight hair? Then hair extensions are y our best option. They’re very easy to use and you’re not stuck with them if you don’t like the end result once they’re in – simply remove and you’re back to normal – something you can’t do if you cut, dye or chemically alter your natural hair.

    Is it for me?

    You should go with cheap hair extensions if you want a temporary change to your usual hair. Bear in mind though that extensions still require maintenance; some higher than others depending on the type of extensions you opt for. All in all though hair extensions are one of the best ways to add length and/or colour to your hair.