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What you need to know about long hair pieces
  1. Long hair pieces are perfect for those with short hair and wish to have more hair to style. They are available in a huge variety, extensions, wigs and hair accessories such as ponytails. Natural hair grows approximately half an inch per month so if you have short hair at the minute and are longing for extra length then a long hair piece will allow you to have that hair whilst yours slowly grows.


    These types of hair pieces come ready-styled so you can use them with little to no experience, unless you opt for a more complex choice; in which case you may prefer a professional to fit it for you, especially if you are having extensions that require bonding to your own natural hair. Long hair certainly has many more ways in which you can style it so that’s one of the greatest benefits.

    Is it for me?

    If you fancy a change from short hair then adding a long hair piece to your natural hair is a quick and simple way to achieve this. If you’re growing your hair out and are at an awkward stage where you can’t style it then a long hair piece may be the solution to your problem. Hair pieces are ready to wear, meaning it will be styled with no need to spend time on it, except for the usual maintenance you should spend doing on any artificial hair to ensure it looks as best as it can.