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What you need to know about synthetic hair extensions
  1. This type of hair extensions is the most widely available. Their popularity stems from a combination of cost and the variety that’s available to buy. Plastic fibres are used to create synthetic hair extensions; these fibres are created in many styles, straight, wavy, curly, kinked, layered etc. This style is then imprinted into the fibre, ensuring it holds its pre-designed shape for the lifetime of the extensions, making it a value buy when you consider the time-saving aspect of not having to style hair every day.


    Synthetic hair extensions are long-lasting, very affordable and tend to be pretty low maintenance. Weather does not affect this type of hair extensions, unlike ones made from human hair so you do not have to worry about humidity or rain messing up your style with unwanted frizz, mess and volume. Because they are so popular you will have a wide array of extensions to choose from.

    Is it for me?

    There are some negatives to using synthetic extensions you should be aware of before buying – most are not heat-resistant, meaning you cannot use any heated hair appliances on them (there are exceptions to this however) You also cannot dye synthetic hair, which means colour-matching before purchasing is a must if you want extensions that will be blended with your own natural hair. Don’t worry about this however if you’re opting for funky/bright coloured extensions with the intention to add flashes of colour to your hair.