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What you need to know about toupees
  1. Toupees are the most common item used to cover balding in men. They are so easy to buy; a lot of stores have them readily available in a variety of colours and styles. They are simple to use once you have been shown or practised a few times, the main challenge when first wearing a toupee is blending with your natural hair. Toupees tend to fit to the scalp using skin-safe adhesive which gives you the security of knowing the hairpiece will stay in place once applied.


    Toupees are widely used by men who want to hide their baldness or give themselves a better look. You can buy them ready to wear or have one professionally fitted. This is a personal choice and will affect the cost of the toupee. Toupees are fairly easy to maintain, the maintenance will differ depending on the type of hair used in the hairpiece.

    Is it for me?

    A toupee is ideal for those wishing to cover up bald patches in their scalp. You do not have to be an expert in hair to buy a toupee, simply gauge your hair shade and match it up to the closest possible when choosing a toupee. Consider the texture, length and thickness too so that you can benefit from the most natural look possible. If you are concerned about using the adhesive or bonding material, perhaps due to skin sensitivities or allergies, then remember to check ingredients first and always do a small skin test before using.