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What you need to know about wavy hair extensions
  1. Wavy hair is so popular and not too difficult to create with your own natural hair, providing you have the right products. Even if you are happy spending time creating perfect waves in your hair you may find that you lack volume and are not getting the look you are after. If this is the case then adding wavy hair extensions is an ideal solution, they will blend with the waves you have and add fullness and volume to your hair.


    As with all hair extensions, the greatest benefit to wavy extensions is the ability to change your style at the drop of a hat without regret. You can easily change from straight to wavy hair by adding extensions, creating a completely different look very quickly. Wavy extensions will always look best when added to wavy hair, be it naturally wavy or waved with styling products. This way the extensions will blend in and will be hard to distinguish from your own, natural waves, especially if you get the length and shade of the extensions spot-on.

    Is it for me?

    If you’d love to add waves and texture to your hair then you should definitely try wavy hair extensions. If you are lucky enough to have wavy hair and would just love those waves to stand out more, or add volume then definitely invest in these extensions. If you have thick straight hair and do not want to spend time waving then you should perhaps opt for a different type of hair extension.