How To Buy Organic Meat At Supermarkets?

organic-meatAre you a meat lover? Yes it’s nice to enjoy a mouthwatering steak every now and then, but having too much meat can also be unhealthy. Well if you can’t have enough of meats and you want to stay healthy at the same time, then it’s about to change your eating habits and go for the organic variety by eating organic meat.

Can Livestock Be Raised To Produce Organic Meat:

When we talk of organic foods, the first thing that usually comes into our mind are the fresh vegetables and fruits that were grown without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Organic produce are developed naturally because these “unnatural” substances can affect the overall quality of the plants. That why most of us have come to love these food products. But is there such a thing as organic meat? How can livestock be raised naturally to produce organic meat when animals don’t require any pesticides or commercial fertilizers in taking care of them?

Meats can also be produced organically. Livestock animals such as cows, chicken, and pigs will eventually produce organic meat if they are raised by natural means. Yes they don’t need any pesticides or fertilizers, but they do consume foodstuffs in order to survive. In order to make them “organic animals” who will in turn produce organic meat, livestock farmers will just feed them with organic foods and prevent them from consuming any commercial food alternatives such as food pellets and commercial feeds.

What Are The Advantages Of Consuming Organic Meat:

Although some of us don’t mind about the nutritional value of the foods that we eat, there’s actually more benefits if you are going consume organic meat. Here are some of these benefits:

1. Flavorful – Most health enthusiast and organic food lovers agree that organic meat is packed with more flavor compared to meat produce from commercially fed animals. Organic meats give off the natural taste that you want because it came from animals that were not fed by genetically modified feeds. Aside from that, organic meats are filled with tender juicy goodness that most meat lover are craving for. Yes, they cost more, but you can be assured that you only get the best quality of meat that you will enjoy eating over and over.

2. These came from animals that were raised humanely – Livestock animals that are producing organic meats are not caged but they are raised in pastures where they can move freely and comfortably. This practice will affect their bodies in a good way as they won’t be producing any hormones that might affect the quality of their meats. They are feed regularly according to the natural livestock raising process that is healthy to both human and animals. The cows are grass-fed, pigs are given vegetables to eat, and chickens feed on healthy growing grains. And when the time comes that they are about to be “harvested”, these animals were butchered in a manner that is ethically acceptable so that the quality of the meat will be uncompromised (improper butchering methods will cause the meat to develop a disgusting taste).

3. Organic meats contain more vitamins and nutrients – In other words, organic meats are the healthier choice compared to ordinary meat products. The nutrients from the foods they eat will be directly absorbed into their system. And since they consume natural foods, they also take in the health giving nutrients which will then be given to us if we are going to consume their meats to nourish our bodies.

Tips On How To Get Organic Meats From The Supermarket:

Be healthy without having to give up your guilty pleasure. Here are some tips you need to follow so that you’ll be able to buy the best quality organic meats at your local supermarket:

1. Go to the meat section where you can find the organic meats – Organic meats are usually displayed separately from the usual meat varieties. Sometimes you can find them within the meat section of the supermarket or they are situated along with the organic products to form a separate area apart from all the other grocery items. Just ask for any assistance if you’re having trouble where to find and the guys from the grocery will be more than happy to help you.

2. Find the right meat according to your preference – Organic meats are displayed according to the different cuts so that customers will be able to choose right away what they want to buy. All organic meats are of great quality, but if you want to make sure that you will buy the freshest meat, then select the ones that are pinkish, tender, and looking attractive. Meats that are already in display for days often show a dull color appearance and are mostly frozen hard.

3. Check if the meat is properly inspected – All kinds of meats are to be checked by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) before it can be sold to groceries and supermarkets and deemed safe for human consumption. Certifications are then awarded to the suppliers after inspecting the meat products. You can expect to see the certification bearing FDA’s seal of approval every time you buy organic meats at your local supermarket.

4. Proper handling and sealing of meat – After the meat is purchased, ask the butcher to seal the meat package properly to avoid the airborne bacteria from contaminating the meat. Aside from that, make sure that the meat is not exposed directly under the heat of the sun to make sure that its quality is still the same from the supermarket to your dinner table.

Organic meat is healthy option for meat lovers who want to stay healthy while eating their favorite food. So enjoy eating and live life to the fullest. Go healthy, go for organic meat.