How to Have Chemical-free Lifestyle

chemical-freeExperts claimed that there are at least 15 chemicals present our bread as well as canned drinks. On the one hand, rice, a staple food in most countries, has arsenic, while facial cleansers, another staple product in most women’s and men’s vanity drawer contain more than 5 chemicals. In other words, there is no easy way out to have a chemical-free lifestyle. These chemicals are increasing in popularity not because they’re of essence, but because we all need to avoid them since they disrupt hormones Disturbed hormones can cause impairment and abnormality of our body’s natural defenses, which can lead to several diseases including cancers and failure of specific systems to function well. To avoid that, here are the best ways to have a chemical-free lifestyle.

  • 1. Always choose fresh foods rather than canned and preserved ones – Foods sold at your local market and local food stalls are always cleaner in terms of chemical content compared to foods sold in groceries. All canned and preserved goods are manufactured with the use of compounds that lengthen their shelf life. Aside from that, they contain less to zero nutrients, which is never good for the human body.
  • 2. Always choose water over canned refreshments – No matter what they say about canned juices, they’re always, always bad for your health. They’re full of fats, sugar, and toxins that make you sick.
  • 3. Stay away from smokers – Research shows that passive smokers tend to absorb as much chemicals as the smoker himself. This is the main reason that adults should never smoke whenever a baby is around because their lungs and immune system are too fragile to handle chemicals from a cigarette.
  • 4. Whip homemade housecleaning products – Surely, those air fresheners always make your room smile welcoming, but little did you know that they’re slowly creeping to your lungs, and cause lung infection in the long run. Ingredients like baking soda, mild soap, water, and lemon can be made into an air freshener. Mix ingredients all together and place the mixture in a sprayer. You can also include oils. Borax, vinegar, and water are ingredients that can clean your carpet without the chemical sting.
  • 5. Exercise regularly – Experts note that regular exercising can definitely help our body inside and outside. It restores damaged cells, replenishes dead and old ones, and always keeps cells well-oxygenated, which are vital processes to keep our body going.
  • 6. Cleanse your internal organs with healthy foods – Stay away from supplements and any forms of drugs that promise a healthy mind, sound heart, and dirt-free digestive system. Fibers from veggies and fruits act like sweepers in your digestive system; nuts and natural foods rich in Omega 3 and healthy fats act like light bulbs to your mind; and good exercise keeps your heart pumping well.

You see, we don’t really need all those man-made products to keep us healthy well. Nature is our friend when it comes to living a chemical-free life.