How to Raise Eco-friendly and Healthy Kids

eco-friendly-kidsHaving a house that’s surrounded with eco-friendly rooms and products is probably one of the biggest help that a household or an individual could do in favor to the environment. Meanwhile, eating organic foods is a big favor given to one’s physical body. However, your duty in creating a green home would probably be easier and better if you don’t have kids at home. Kids could be really bossy as they don’t understand the concept of going green and healthy yet, but these simple steps can definitely teach them how to be one someday.

  • Be a good example – Kids look up their parents as their role models whether the latter are doing the right or wrong deed. Kids emulate them, so parents should always be the first ones to show their children on how to live a green life. In a book for disciplining kids, it has been stated there that parents should avoid shouting to their kids if they don’t want to raise kids who also keep on shouting. If you want your tots to eat veggies, show them that you eat veggies too by cooking veggies everyday and by eating portions of it as well.
  • Rules – This one word may sometimes make them go crazy, especially if you have bossy and energetic kids to deal with. However, without rules, everything would be in chaos. Set rules that they should not throw their used clothes, toys, and the likes everywhere. They should keep them safe in a clean place for their siblings or relatives to enjoy with in the future. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to help save the planet, and to help fatten your savings account, too. Kids love to play adult roles, so when it’s a schedule to organize used clothing and toys, let their small hands help you. Again, show them that you also obey your rules.
  • Buy their stuffs in bulk – Buying goods in bulk will keep your container full and also save you a few dollars. Have a budget for your kids’ snacks for one week and buy these in bulk. Have these placed in eco-friendly reusable containers when brought to school.
  • Teach them how to conserve electricity – Teaching them the importance of conserving electricity as early as preschool make them become energy conscious, too. Setting the allotted hours for your children to view TV or play computer is one way to keep their eyes healthy and to keep utility bills at a minimum. Teach them the importance of turning OFF any electronic or battery-operated gadget.

It’s always better to have young protégés because they are most likely easier to train. They also don’t have independence yet, so they mostly rely on adults. Therefore, adults should never do anything foolish in front of their little ones if they want them to grow up healthy and empathic with nature.