Mother of the Bride Dresses Go Green

mother-of-the-brideGoing green does not mean that you can only practice it at home, at school, and in the office. Going green can also be done during your big day – your wedding day. Did you know how many tons of wastes of items and energy have been accumulated each time a couple gets to choose a conventional wedding? Conventional wedding means tying the knot in an indoor venue, with hundreds of flower decors in the area and the couple, along with their entourage all wearing brand new Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses and suits. A scenario like this means that the site would have to use tons of energy to run all its facilities; not to mention its generator in case power interruption occurs. Apart from that, most renowned designers in the runway don’t produce eco-friendly wedding dresses, which mean that you are okay with the fact that they’ve been using fabric that has been processed in a way that emits tons of toxic wastes in the environment. And, before we forget, florists spray chemicals on those beautiful and imported flowers to keep them from withering before you even march the aisle. Surely, these are all terrible, and making the right decision of going green on your wedding day can make a big difference in the current state of the planet. One way of going green is by choosing eco-friendly mother of the bride dresses.

How to Pick the Right One

Eco-friendly mother of the bride dresses come in a plethora of choices from sizes, colors, and style. However, you won’t be able to find one with a whiter hue or a hue very close to white because an environment-friendly dress is not chemically bleached. Nevertheless, there is always the best choice for the right mother of the bride dress in the market because almost every department store these days are now selling such kind of clothing.

mother-of-the-bride-02To be able to choose the right mother of the bride dress, it is necessary to keep in mind of the wearer’s preferences when it comes to clothing. Does she like cutouts or see through fabric? Does she like tube top or capped sleeves? Does the wearer love to show off her shoulders or her toned legs? What color does she like – ruby, olive, fuchsia, or cream? Considering the wearer’s preferences can make the process easier and more convenient, especially when she is not around to try on the dress. For the color, it is best to consider her skin and for the style, it is best to consider her physical assets. But, some mothers or women guardians of the brides and grooms don’t want to show off some skin since they think that they are already too old for it. It is entirely okay to show some skin, but to make it age-appropriate, it is essential that it does not show too much skin, too. Be considerate on the color of the bridal dress and the motif of the wedding, too. Being able to blend with the motif will make her look party ready. On the one hand, you can always opt to have the mother of the bride dress tailor made for her style and fit. This way, flaws are minimized and corrected immediately. Nevertheless, you need to have enough time for this, particularly if you go for challenging styles.

To guide you with your search, some of the top designers that offer eco-friendly mother of the bride dresses include Adele Wechsler Eco-Tour, Casablanca, Allure Bridals, Lazaro, and many others. Each designer offers different style and approach to eco-friendly mother of the bride dresses. There are gowns with sweetheart neckline for gorgeous shoulders; empire dresses for those who want to hide their flaws in the midsection; mermaid dresses for those who love to show off their curvaceous physique; and a-line gowns that suit every frame and physique of a woman. Most of these designers also offer online ordering and customization of dresses, which means that you can also have your dress altered by any of your chosen designer.

Tips for Picking the Best Style of Eco-friendly Mother of the Bride Dress

mother-of-the-bride-03Let’s face it; most mother of the bride, who may also include mother of the groom, may not be as svelte as Kim Cattrall, making it quite challenging to find the best dress that fits her well from top to bottom. Because of this, we have a list of tips on how you can tick the best eco-friendly mother of the bride dress without making her look like a sandwich or a balloon.

Avoid wearing the same color to that of the bride’s wedding dress. Color restrictions may apply during the selection process for the mother of the bride dresses. Usually, dresses in white, champagne, ivory, and other similar hues that match with the bride’s gown are deemed inappropriate. Similarly, dresses in black tones signify mourning while dresses in loud colors like neon and red signify rebellion, though some would really love to wear red. While this is not a general rule, it is still necessary to check for any color restrictions during the event or have a pep talk with the bride about it. On the one hand, stay safe by choosing Earth tones like tan, emerald, aqua, navy, lime, or a black and white combo may be. Printed ones are also lovely alternatives to striped and plain looking mother of the bride dresses.

Consider the frame of the body. Before any purchase is made just because the wearer looks gorgeous in tan, it is basic that the frame of the body should be considered first for the latter to feel comfortable and look pleasing in the gown. To make the wearer look taller, picking styles that would show her legs would definitely more height. Meanwhile, a plus sized mother with midsection issues can opt for a wrap around style for that chic look. She can also choose a maxi that looks cool and comfy enough for the entire event or a scalloped, lace dress that looks elegant in every inch. A ruffled dress with a tie in the waist can accentuate the waistline while a pleated asymmetrical dress can certainly make her look taller. For that retro touch, she can select an empire top, cap sleeves, and swing skirt. Finally, for a mom who wants to look a bit saucy for the event can opt for a sequined silver dress. After all, silver dresses have not failed in any occasion yet.

Mothers can be quite cumbersome and difficult to tackle with. They can also be pretty stubborn, but they always play an important role in their daughter’s and son’s wedding. Their presence and support for the marriage may somehow create a harmonious tie between the newlyweds. Hence, it is still not too late to go green and at the same time, choose for an elegant mother of the bride dress that showcases her beauty. Just make sure to start choosing for the perfect dress at least 4 months prior to the wedding. Alterations, sizing, and the likes can take so much time. Also, an eco-friendly mother of the bride dress need not be very expensive, but it needs to be of high quality. A well-fitted, elegant dress can go a long way as it can also be used in another similar event in the future.

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