Ocean Conservation

While a lot of people are pretty busy signing up for the alleged registration for those who plan to live to Mars in case Earth ends, we should start our own ways on how we can prolong Earth’s life and save everyone from possible total natural destruction, which is, by the way, is caused by its inhabitants’ negligence for decades. We should all be thankful that we have Earth to live in and we can only show our gratitude by helping conserve its biggest natural resource – the ocean. Did you know that our planet comprises of ¾ water and ¼ lands? That means, if flash floods and other calamities brought like tsunamis, raise the ocean level, countries and continents could be in danger of sinking in. You may think that you have nothing to do with its drowning because these are natural calamities. Your thoughts are partly correct, yet partly wrong. These calamities naturally occur at least once in a year, but due to global warming these are now experienced several times a year. We may not be directly connected with calamities, but we are directly connected with global warming. On the one hand, it is also the cause of the melting of ice caps in the polar areas and the slow destruction of coral reefs in the ocean, which actually mean business. Now that we got your attention, let us tell you the ways on how you can practice ocean conservation to help keep our planet alive.

ocean_conservation-01Minimize Using Plastic – There was a documentary about a certain extinct species of bird that lives in the nearby Antarctic. The place looks fantastic, their lives speak of romance and happiness, and their exotic look shouts of love. They used to thrive in the area until people started to discover their presence there and private beaches were created in its nearby shores. Few months after such progress, the birds started to die and their number started to deteriorate. A scientist, who has been conducting a study of these birds, discovered that the birds ate anything that they see in the area and that most of them were eating pieces of plastics. Plastic contains toxic chemicals that harm their organs, thereby leading to their deaths. It was such a tragic love story, which can also happen to each one of us if we continue to pollute our planet. You don’t need to go to the ocean always to conserve it. Whether you are at home, at school, or in the office, minimize the use of plastics and avoid throwing these into sewage systems, which could lead these materials to bodies of water. Opt for reusable water bottles. Use your own eating utensils when picnicking at the beach. Keep all wastes in a container.

ocean_conservation-02Uphold Natural and Sustainable Fishing Techniques – Natural fishing techniques that use fishing nets, fishing rods, and the likes, should be implemented strictly. These methods only trap the big and matured fishes, leaving the smaller ones to grow into adults. However, sad as it may seem, there are still a number of fishermen that use illegal ways like fishing during banned season, using grenades and other explosions which can also harm coral reefs, bottom trawling, ghost fishing which is manifested by nets and other fishing equipments that are unintentionally left underwater, and the by catch method. These methods are all illegal because these kill all marine life underwater, which result to imbalance of underwater ecosystem.

Organize Beach Clean-up – We don’t necessarily need a whole gang or state-of-the-art tools to cleanup a messy beach, do we? All we need to have are containers, sticks to pick up debris, gloves to cover our hands, and definitely hat to protect us from the sun’s heat, and we are now ready for a beach cleanup. Organizing an activity will not only help keep the beaches clean in your area, but will also raise awareness about ocean conservation. You can start a small group with your pals, then widen your circle by opening the issue to your neighborhood and then reach out to your local government units. This activity can help stop ocean pollution as each participant now understands the importance of ocean conservation and can practice the ways to keep it clean wherever they may go. On the one hand, you don’t need to this every day. Beach cleanup on the weekend is fair enough.

ocean_conservation-03Be a Model – As the cliché goes, action speaks louder than words. Show to your family and friends that you are pro-ocean conservation thru simple ways that can stop water pollution. Avoid bringing plastics at the beach. Avoid throwing debris and other waste materials at the beach. Use organic and recyclable pieces when outing. Bring foods and utensils that are washable instead of plastics and paper. Learn more about marine life and avoid patronizing shops and stores that support the exploitation of marine life by selling marine products like shark liver and oil, tortoise shell, and the likes. Educate your loved ones about ocean conservation and opt for eco-friendly cruises and related holidays.