Recycling Office Papers

offic-paper-recyclingWhether we like it or not, office papers are essential and inevitable despite the presence of laptops and computers. This is because office papers, although a conventional component of every office, are still considered as important tools to achieve the company’s goals through written documents, faxes, and the likes. Not to mention that journals may also be included in the large pile of papers in the office. Disposing large stacks of paper may seem easy, but it may not be the best move for the planet. Here are the best ways to recycle office papers without the guilt:

Discuss with Organizations and Companies that Recycle Paper – Truly, there are a number of groups that are more concerned with the use of used paper than the use of clean sheets because they know that burning paper or throwing them to pits to rot is nothing short of being an irresponsible individual. On the one hand, there are also companies that recycle used paper and turn it into brand new ones. Search for these groups online and make a deal with them. You can also organize a committee that’s in-charge for this particular problem, especially if your office is still teemed with paper lovers.

Grab Ideas from Colleagues – As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, so don’t handle the problem on your own just because you are the current manager of the company. Have a meeting; talk with your officemates about the problem; and come up with a win-win solution. Surely, they can come up with brilliant ideas to recycle used paper wisely.

Label Trash Bins – The trash bins for paper should only be used for office paper and there should not be a single soda can in it. Papers are recycled in a different way, so it should not be mixed with other products. Furthermore, labeling trash bins will also create a more organized and cleaner way to separate different types of trash in your office.

Make Use of the Blank Portion – Surely, there are instances when you and your people would only use one face of the paper, leaving the other face blank and clean. That blank space can be a source of joy to kids who love to get their hands dirty with pastels, watercolors, and colored pens. Let them doodle on these blank spaces all day long. You will not only have recycled the paper well, but you have also unleashed some little hands’ creativity.

Be Creative – There are technically a number of crafts that make use of paper. Scrapbooking, making collage, and the likes are some of the ways to turn used office papers into a whole new world of beauty. You can check online or get inspirations from your surroundings to be able to create these.