The Fuss about Philips $10 LED

philips_ledLED is not only known for its bright light and energy saving features, but it’s also known for its expensive price. While incandescent bulbs are only sold about $4 per bulb, LED bulbs are typically sold about $15, which could be pricey to those who don’t have enough money to buy at least 5 bulbs to light up the whole house. Despite of this, a lot of customers still go for LED bulbs because its tag price definitely outweighs its benefits, particularly today that you can now get a LED bulb for $10. At least this is what Philips said. Read on.

Basically, a LED bulb has the potential to last for 20 years and more because of its high quality. However, its price has made it sit in numerous hardware and stores for months as its cheaper counterparts have continuously been sold at very cheap prices. Thankfully, Home Depot partnered with Philips and made possible to come up with a cheaper version of Philips LED light as it changed the price tag of a Philips 11-watt A19 bulb to $17 from $25. Apart from that, utility rebates have also been included in the process, which could bring down the price to $10. Truly, this news is something that every LED patronize should be thankful for. However, such campaign isn’t solely launched to make consumers enjoy the full benefits of LED lights at a fraction of a cost, but also to make them see the importance of having efficient energy lighting systems at home and lighting supplies that are scrutinized greatly to meet strict guidelines before they are released to the market. Philips also noted that if every household in the US replaces their 60-watt incandescent light bulbs into Philips LED, the country could save billions of electricity costs at least in a year. We should not also discount the fact that the hundreds of dollars the family could save from household electricity bills and maintenance costs of the bulb as well. It is also known that LED lights are energy-efficient and has lower carbon footprint, which are other reasons that households are encouraged to do the switch today.

The beauty of having LED lights at home is not only manifested of its ideal illumination characteristic, but also of the benefits that it provides to your pocket and health as it is energy efficient, long lasting, and tough. This move happens very rarely, so do the switch today.