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The Greatest Inventions of the Past 100 Years

Urban Bike Path

Urban Bike Path

What do you think are the greatest inventions of the past century – computers, refrigerator, TV, or LED lights? Though we deem each invention differently based on our lifestyle and needs, I still think that the best inventions are those that contribute to a greener community that do not only help sustain our environment, but also prolong our life by keeping us healthy. Here they are:

LED Light – A lot of people might not agree to the notion that LED lights are undoubtedly one of the best inventions of mankind due to its price, but it really is an angel if you want to enjoy savings, well-illuminated household and less stress for the maintenance aspect. LED lights are known for its efficiency to convert at least 80% of the energy into lighting and release 20% of it as heat. This is the main reason that most decorative LED lights, like Christmas tree LED lights, don’t feel very hot even if you leave it ON for several hours in the evening. Use normal bulbs and you will notice that an hour or two of operation can practically make its surrounding warmer. This is because non-LED bulbs use only 40% of the energy to light and the rest is to heat, which is just a waste of energy. Aside from that, solar LED lights are available these days, making it more efficient than ever.

Solar Panels – Probably in this age when a lot of people have turned to renewable and more sustainable forms of energy due to the apparent effects of global warming, solar inventions have become a piece of heaven. Solar panels are one of the most popular inventions that make use of the sun’s energy to be used for lighting and heating a household. Available in a variety of types, solar panels come in handy to those who need to cut down on their monthly electricity bills and help the environment become a better place to live in. These panels, depending on the type, are installed on rooftops. These come in differing number of silicones, which are the main substances that determine its efficiency in absorbing and converting the sun’s energy. Though costly, a lot of users swear by its benefits, especially in terms of savings from monthly electricity bills.

Bicycles – There are wooden bicycles, bamboo-made bicycles, and a lot more types of green bicycles all over the world. There is not a single person on Earth that would oppose when I say that bicycles are manna from heaven. Bicycles help us in aplenty of ways: it helps melt body fats, increase body resistance, and, when done regularly, biking can be a form of cardiovascular exercise; keeps us away from sickness brought about by being overweight; saves money from gassing up or paying for fares; and very cheap and accessible, so it can be bought anytime and anywhere particularly to those who need quick fixes with their weight. A lot of people think that biking can only be done in short distances. What they don’t know is that cyclists actually cover 5 kilometers or more when they join competitions, making bicycles a staple for short and long distance travels.

Urban Bike Paths – Though only bikers would love this fact, urban bike paths can actually increase the number of people who will come to love biking. Some people call it as stellar system of bike trails as only cyclists are allowed to pass through the said road. Gone are the days when bikers can only use the pedestrian lane or the side walk when wanting to use the main streets. This invention could also lower the number of pedestrian accidents caused by bikers. Start shopping for bikes now.

Hybrid Cars – In some countries, car pooling, biking, and using public transportation are greatly encouraged in order to minimize the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Apart from that, these choices lessen congestion in the road, too. Some governments even require each household to own 2 cars at most. Aside from these, hybrid cars become one of the most recommended picks because of its numerous reasons. Firstly, it is eco-friendly as it uses lower amount of gasoline and releases lesser carbon dioxide in the air because it mainly relies on motor and batteries to run. You don’t also have to stress too much when accelerating or decelerating or even when making changes in the transmission because it does not uses gasoline. Secondly, hybrid cars these days are capable of recharging itself even when running, saying goodbye to the traditional charging method while on standby mode. However, hybrid cars are generally heavier than conventional cars and might not be as speedy as those conventional speedy vehicles, which might not be a good feature to those who love light and powerful autos.

Other green inventions like solar powered monitors, energy savers, vehicles that run on vegetable oil and many others are also worth the mention. However, some of these are already connected with the ones above. What about you? What do you think are the greatest inventions in the past 100 years?

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