The Right Food

the-right-foodDid you know that you can actually help protect the environment and conserve energy through the food that you are eating? Indeed, it’s quite weird, but perfectly true. Food is the very basic need of a human being, thus, the consumption is enormous. It can vastly affect the environment and the energy used by different factors that involves food.

Grocery stores, meat shops, and canteens are some of the storages of food. However, restaurants are the establishments which process food non-stop from turning raw foods into cooked and sumptuous treats, which are then thrown out as wastes. The environmental concern starts from the live plants and animals which will soon turn into food. The US Department of Agriculture establishes a standard for food which includes the term “organic”. The food can only be with an organic standard if there were no pesticides applied in plants or fertilizers with artificial ingredients or sewage slop, herbicides, antibiotics, bioengineering, hormones and ionizing radiation. Those food tagged as organic by the government implicates that the farm where the plants and animals grew where examined and proven safe from artificial reserves. This has not only made the food naturally nutritious, but also made the land resources of the farmers healthy. Although, it may not signify that the organic food processed is more nourishing to eat than that of the food artificially enhanced, one sure thing is that it is free from pesticides. Chemical-free foods are perfect for everyone’s healthy diet.

With regards to the conservation of energy, it can certainly be evident on the facilities used in preserving the food in a certain span of time. Restaurants have thorough application of this matter for the fact that it can somehow affect their profit. The facilities used for refrigerating, cooking and heating consume a lot of energy. However, with the right way of using it can save a bit of energy. Food wastes are also being controlled, this may be a waste already but it places a role in conserving energy and environment protection.

On the one hand, we can also help save our planet in our own little ways from home. We can actually start with ourselves in being able to conserve energy and protect our nature through maintaining the right diet and reducing energy through the facilities we use in storing foods. With this technique, we are not only helping ourselves and our body to be healthy but also our mother nature as well.