The Top 25 Green Cities in the U.S

green-citiesTo be in the world’s green cities list is never an easy goal to achieve for any city. It matters on an instant design that has a cogitation of environmental collision. It varies also to the inhabitants that are devoted to the belittlement of the required inputs of energy, chemicals, water and foods, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution and wastes of heat products. In addition, it relies upon to the people who are putting their convenient (with the use of pollutants) set aside for the care and concerns of the future generations’ needs. The concepts of these green cities were framed by Richard Register in his book (Ecocity Berkeley; Building Cities for a Healthy Future).

With regards to the Top 25 Green cities of United States, Green Guide, a publication that promotes green daily living, gathered data from the government sources, scored cities on an eleven-point scale in U.S. that also have population beyond 100, 000 for the survey about the said latter. Hereunder are the results of the survey from the least scored city to the magnificent green city.

Kansas City, Missouri

It was selected as one of the America’s Best Downtowns for its richness culture in arts, upscale shopping and multifarious fountains. Kansas City, Missouri has an official appellation as City of Fountains. In fact, having the numerous clear water fountains, obviously, is one of the reasons that made the city on the list of the green cities of the entire state.

Seattle, WA

The city is one of the fastest-flourishing cities of the nation. Seattle’s recent official nickname is “Emerald City” for its ambrosial conifer forest area. “The City of Flowers” is also been the trademark of this metropolitan as the government meant to encourage the residents to plant flowers to beautify the city. Additionally, it has become a pivot for green industry and a model of sustainable development. It still kept the strong economy for its tremendous business especially in terms of green building and clean technologies. The fact is, in 2010, the government committed this country to become “climate neutral” aiming to reach zero net per capita greenhouse gas emissions by year 2030.

 Ann Arbor, Michigan

It had been said this country is named after the spouse of the founder and for trees that standing its area. This city has its official nickname as “Tree Town” for the abundance of trees in this place. On November 4, 2003, residents approved greenbelt plan under which the city government bought developmental rights on agricultural packages for sustainable development. It has three freeways and because of this, it range a high percentage of public transport and bicycle commuters in which it minimizes the usage of gas.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

It is located in the central part of the state, mounting the Rio Grande. With the help of Rio Grande and aquifer, Albuquerque residents have not difficulty of their drinking water. This city also became famous of their wind power. This city also have celebrated balloon fiesta. It is a smoke-free city. These all features had made the city green.

Rochester, New York

It is often times called as “The Flour City” for the nearby Genesee River obtains many flour mills that had been the hub of manufactures. It sometimes called “Flower City” for its annual hosting of the Lilac Festival. It is a smoke-free city which gives clear air for its surroundings.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It has an official nickname as “City of Festivals”; thanks to Summerfest, which gained the title as the largest music festival in 1999 Guinness Book of World Records.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is coined by a school teacher who combined “mni”, a Dakota Sioux word for water, and “polis” from Greek word for city because of its abundance in water with 20 lakes, Mississippi River, creeks and waterfalls. Obviously, it has an official nickname “City of Lakes”. It has fabulous parklands also and has a high percentage of renewable biomass energy.

San Francisco, California
The city is eminent for its cool summers, fog, and steep rolling hills and, of course, the landmark of it – Golden Gate Bridge. City has a municipal composting, green designs and very high public transport use.

Syracuse, New York

This city is smoke-free and leads to have good air in the surroundings. The city government is committed to reduce greenhouse gases.

Anchorage, Alaska

It has more than 40 fabulous parks, gardens and wildlife refuges. It is a smoke-free that results into excellent air and water quality in the surroundings.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

It has a high rate of public transport use. It is a city that has an extensive green space and designs eco-friendly surroundings.

Irvine, California

The residents here are pedestrian oriented. Irvine has comprehensive green building program for the city’s sustainable development. Through this program, it is now smoke-free city.

Springfield, Illinois
It has clean air and water quality. It is a city that is spacious in green space and designs eco-friendly surroundings.

Lexington, Kentucky

It is commonly known as “Horse Capital of the World” and is located in the hub of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region. This city has comprehensive growth management plan that maintains their air clear.
Boston, Massachusetts

It is a city with an excellent public transportation. This city banned smoking which results fresh air in the surroundings. It has also a green framework for the entire city.

Denver, Colorado

It has nicknamed “Mile-High City” because of its official elevation is exactly one mile above sea level. This city has large hybrid municipal brisk and nation’s largest light rail system. It accommodates clean water and access forestry.

Huntsville, Alabama

Even in the urban area of this city, one-third of it has green space. It demands high public transport. This city is excellent in public education program which includes agriculture.


This name of this city means “sheltered bay” or “place of shelter”. It has clean air and water. Honolulu has biomass power generation and standardized green building.

Berkeley, California

It is a city of California that requires green building in municipal constructions. It has a well used public transport system and community gardens.

Oakland, California

Oakland spacious coastal terrace prairie, north coastal scrub and oak woodland. It is rich in land resources. In addition, it has green building ordinance that keeps the city sustainable.

Santa Rosa, California

This city has bicycle paths and lanes that minimize the use of gaseous products used by vehicles. It also has a green building program and clean air and water quality.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Quarter of the urban area in this city is green space. It has a significant gas reductions and affordable housing.

Portland, Oregon

The city is eminent for its superior land use planning and investment in light trail. Smart growth exists in this city as well as green building.

Austin, Texas

It has green building program and sustainable development. Austin is committed to solar power.

Eugene, Oregon

The city has a sustainable business incubator which lessens the burden of the Earth. The city government also has spacious wetlands program and has renewable energy that supplies 85% of city’s power.