Tips on Saving Fuel

saving-fuel-tipsWe count on our vehicles  in going to school, to office, to malls or to places where we want to go.  That is why we have to constantly feed our vehicle with their food called fuel. However, with lots of bills that we have to pay and  the continuous increase of fuel price, it  sometimes creates hole in our pockets. That’s why we’ve share to you tips that could help you save fuel and money. Let’s get started.

Keep tires well-inflated – Did you know that tires which are not  inflated poperly have higher rolling resistance? Deflated tire  also means that  your car needs to have more amount of  gas to keep on moving. Keeping  your  car’s tire well inflated is also one of the most important things in driving and in saving fuel as well . That is why it is advisable to check your tire every month to see if it’s in good condition.

Plan Trips in Advance – Yes, planning in advance is good. One of the best benefits  you can get in planning your trips ahead is that  you would know  which road is best to take so that you could reach  your destination faster. Of course, it is best to take the shortest road  if possible.  Shorter way means lesser fuel consumption.  Other than that, you will be able to anticipate traffics ahead also. You see gals, planning ahead doesn’t hurt. In fact, it would save not just your car’s fuel but your precious time as well.

Have Regular Vehicle Service – Maintaining  proper service or maintainance  to your vehicle is a must. This includes keeping your air filters clean and car parts in good condition.  Dirty air filters restrict airflow to the engine causing the increase of fuel consumption. In other words, clean air filters means efficient fuel conservation.

Keep a Pace Speed –  About 2 miles per galloon  is decreased from the fuel economy due to speeding up and sudden slowing down.  Keeping a reasonable distance away from thecar that’s ahead of you helps also. This will not only prevent  sudden deceleration, this will also prevent unwanted accidents. Fuel conservation is not only the important thing here, driving safely matters as well. So , stay alert and keep a moderate speed in driving.

Don’t be Lazy – If it’s possible for you not to drive then, don’t drive. Oh come on,  you don’t have to drive if your destination is just within a walking distance. What’s your two feet  for  then? If you want, you could also use your bike instead of walking. Besides, walking or biking  is not only good for your health, it’s  good  for Mother Nature too.  Aside from that,  you would be able to save fuel too.

Invest to Hybrid Cars – Looking for cars that are fuel efficient?  Why not purchase into hybrid cars?   The best thing about hybrid cars is that  they’re  fuel and money savers.  Aside from that, they’re also eco-friendly.

Keep these tips in Mind – Of course, you should keep these tips in mind if you want to save fuel and money. After all, this is what these tips are all about. Remember, it takes million of years for  Mother Nature to develop fuel. If we won’t learn how to conserve,   I’m afraid that there will be no fuel available in the near future. It’s necessary for you to know about things like this  because your actions has consequences.