Toilet Buying Guides

tankless-toiletNowadays toilets are available in a different kind of colors and styles and if you want some special type you can specially order for it, although basic type has not changed much. If you are looking to change your toilet or want a new one and going for its shopping then it is advisable to go through some toilet buying guidance given in this writing.

What you need to do before buying a toilet is to measure the area, that is from the back wall of the bathroom to the closet bolt’s center. If  there are  four closet bolts in your bathroom, then measure from the center one out of the four closet bolts.  Take the measurement from the flange bolts side walls if your bathroom is small in size.

You can buy a toilet in one piece that comes with all parts together or in separate pieces so later you have to assemble its tank, bowel and seat. Two piece toilet set comes with tank and bowl only. This two piece toilet is less expensive compare to one piece toilet as seat is not included with the two piece toilet. So better you decide your budget and purchase one piece or two piece accordingly. After you have decided on the type of toilet set , type of bowl should also be what you need to consider. Bowls come in to two shapes, round ones or elongated ones. If you want to save space than choose the round ones although elongated ones provide more comfort as they are 2 inches longer than the round shape bowls. Do not avoid to check tanks and flushing systems although tank capacity is similar in all toilets. Before selecting a tank you must consider the size of the flush valve  and position of the flush leaver and flushing system.  Flushing systems are available in two types, a pressure assisted flush system and a gravity flush system. After selecting the flushing system why not select the seat for the toilet. As most toilets do not includes seats in their set so you have to purchase them separately. Select seats that complement the color of your toilet and that will decor your bathroom too. Shape of the seat depends upon the round or elongated shape of the bowl. Some seats are made to provide more comfort.

I hope these buying guidances can really help you out when you are shopping for your toilets.