Travel Lightly and Save Mother Earth

travel-lightlyDid you know that traveling lightly does not help you roam freely as it also helps protect the environment from pollution? Traveling is one of the best things that you can do while alive, but carrying excess baggage and heavy bags can be a disaster to the activity. It can also be a disaster to the environment in many ways. Here are some of the ways on how you can protect Earth from destruction by traveling lightly.

Bring enough clothing – Don’t imitate Paris Hilton’s way of traveling, which sometimes make us think that she’s probably getting the whole mansion packed for her upcoming travel. Only bring essential clothes and items to your destination because excesses of these does not only cost you a few hundred for the baggage allowance, but it can also cost the stability of the environment. Airplanes would consume larger amounts of fuel if it is filled with heavy contents, and this includes your baggage. Imagine that if all passengers carry excessive baggage, tons and tons of harmful substances would be released to the atmosphere from the airplane’s exhaust, making the environment more susceptible to destruction. However, if you bring enough clothing and you encourage your friends to do it as well, you can roam freely and save the environment from destruction in the years to come.

Bring water bottles – Having bottled waters during your travel is one of the vital keys to keep you at bay from dehydration. It also protects you from headache and dry throat and mouth. Apart from that, you can also save much from buying bottled waters in stations as you only have to refill it whenever there’s a refilling station in the area. Talk about savings and staying green.

Use the public transport – If you can travel by land, leave your car and use the public means of transportation. Studies show that trains and buses emit at least 20% lesser carbon monoxide compared to a typical vehicle. These vehicles are big enough to transport at least 20 people from one point of destination to another, whereas, a private car only transports at least 1-2 persons daily, making it inefficient in fuel energy consumption. Consequently, more private vehicles mean higher percentage of carbon monoxide released in the air.

Use LED-installed mobile phones – Although your mobile phone cannot transport you from one place to another, it is still an essential gadget when traveling. Having this type of phone is energy efficient in the sense that LED bulbs consume lesser energy compared to non-LED bulbs, so you won’t have to worry on your phone battery draining immediately while on travel.

So for 2013, travel light and help save the environment.