Using a Wedding Gift Registry to Go Solar

wedding-gift-registryGetting inspiration from the green concept, a lot of people these days have gone solar. In fact, couples these days have become more eco-friendly as they opt for a wedding with naturally beautiful venue like a garden wedding or a beach wedding to avoid using enormous energy for indoor equipment; they now use local flowers instead of those imported ones that need to be treated with chemicals to survive the shipment; butterfly and dove releases have diminished; and budget-friendly and green ideas are all welcome. Gone are the days when people choose lavish, indoor weddings that use tons of energy. Going green is actually a good thing especially that it does not only help save the environment; it also saves your money, too. In fact, some of them can appreciate if their guests are too eco-friendly enough to solicit a bigger amount of money to their wedding gift registry to go solar. This may sound very un-Kim Kardashian whose wedding gift registry was spent to lavish room accessories, utensils, and other unnecessary items. Nevertheless, turning to solar with the use of the registry may be a unique option, but let’s first find out the benefit of going solar and everything about solar energy.

What is Solar Energy?

The term solar is derived from the word ‘sun’ while the term energy means any power from a source that produces light and energy. Simply put, solar energy means sun power, which technically includes its heat and light. Solar energy has the capability of giving life to the environment, letting us see during the day and helping plants make photosynthesis, too. Solar energy is responsible for bringing back the flowers’ bloom and for giving us the right vitamins for our bones to continue living a good life. Furthermore, it is also responsible in lighting loads of commercial and residential buildings around the world, and this is just bits and pieces of what solar energy can do.

Benefits of the Sun to the Human Body

Here are some of the major and the most amazing benefits that solar energy provides to human’s health; to the environment; and to the society as well. First and foremost, the benefit of the sun to the human body is immense. The sun has the capability to the boost the body’s supply of vitamin D, which is essential in helping the body fight against bone diseases, such as rickets and bone cancer. How vitamin D works in the body and how it is triggered by the sun’s exposure are processes that are quite amazing. Health experts note that even if you drink lots of milk and vitamin D each day, its role will not be carried out efficiently because it is only exposure to the sun’s UVB radiation that transforms these vitamins and minerals into its tiniest form to be absorbed by the bones of the body, making these useful in the body. With the absence of sunlight, calcium and unabsorbed vitamin D are just deposited in the outer walls of the bones, making it susceptible to deficiencies and bone softening. On the one hand, exposure to sunlight does not mean a 5-10 minute exposure only because there is a maximum exposure required for these processes to take place. White skinned people need to be exposed for at least half an hour to the sun for 50,000 IU to circulate in their system; these amounts to 20,000-30,000 IUs to tanned individuals; and about 10,000 IUs to dar-skinned people. Remember though that this release might also differ because if you cover your skin with clothing, lotions and sunscreen, the UVB radiation might not take effect well for a 30-minute exposure, not to mention the body fats and skin pigmentation that might further hinder the rays to penetrate well to our bones. Sans the UVB radiation, formation of bones will not develop very well and bone-related disorders like rickets may occur. Kids tend to develop rickets, skeletal deformities, and the infamous bowed legs when not exposed to the sun regularly. On the one hand, adults need good exposure to sunlight, too. Lack of the required Vitamin D absorption in the body can lead to osteoporosis or osteomalacia in the long run. It can also soften body muscles and bones, which makes it an essential requirement in every adult’s lifestyle. The radiation from the sun is undeniably vital, which is the reason that numerous countries like those in Europe and North America have established sun exposure activities for their people to get the right amount of solar exposure. Before we end this aspect, let me give a quick trivia. Did you know that Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all? It is a steroid hormone that is naturally produced by the body when it is exposed to the sun.

Benefits of the Sun to the Environment

Do you love flowering plants? Do you find peace in an environment that’s teemed with lush foliage and beauteous landscape? Are you the type of person who appreciates the natural beauty of plants and its unlimited aid to the human health? If you do, you will surely thank the sun for rising every day. The ray of the sun is responsible for the constant greening of the leaves and the regularly blooming of the flowers. The sun is responsible for these because it is its radiation that keeps the plants well-fed in a process called photosynthesis. Middle school students very well know that photosynthesis is a vital process in which the light from the sun is converted into a chemical energy. To explain further, plants have these so-called water splitting photosystem and NADPH photosystem, which are responsible for the release of specific energies and minerals that plants need to survive. The next time you wish that the sun’s rays won’t be that hard, so you won’t have to use sunscreen when you go out, think again. Sans its glorious rays, the breathtaking beauty brought about by the plants near you will not stay long.

Benefits of the Sun to the Society

Firstly, we, humans don’t only need the sun to survive. We also need food, shelter, water, and not to mention electricity in which its costs are apparently soaring these days. Solar energy is one of the answers to these ever-ongoing battle between human and finances. Why? While the use of solar energy may be expensive, it can drastically help you save a lot on your electric bills in the long run because solar energy is free to use, sustainable, and renewable. Wise couples, especially those that are mentioned above, very well know what they are getting themselves into the long run when they go for solar energy panels instead of lavish and unnecessary furniture sets from their wedding gift registry. Solar panels come in a variety of types namely, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, BIPV or building integrated photovoltaics, and solar hot water panels. The monocrystalline silicon is dubbed to be the most efficient of all types of solar panels as it contains more silicone than the other types of solar panels while polycrystalline silicon has lesser silicones, which makes it a substandard with the first type. Meanwhile, BIPV looks appealing as it can blend well as roof tiles, but it may not be as efficient as the monocrystalline. Lastly, solar hot water panels are specially designed to keep water tanks and swimming pools hot. With long term use of solar panels, there is a good chance and bigger possibility that you could say no to high electricity bills and high savings, too. With all of its benefits, there is no wonder why a number of couples are turning on to their wedding registry to solar panels.