Washing Machine Buying Guide

washing-machine-buying-guidePlanning to buy a washing machine is a vital decision you have to do in order to improve the living conditions at home. It’s practical to have this appliance in every house as this really helps in washing your clothes with great ease. Are you thinking of buying a new washing machine for your home today but cannot decide on which one to buy? Do you know there are 3 important factors in buying a washing machine? This guidance will help consumers who are about to purchase a new appliance for their homes to make the washing chores a whole lot easier.

The History Of The Washing Machine:

Before we proceed further into knowing the important factors to consider in buying a washing machine, let’s have a brief history about this appliance and how it was invented. Before the time of the great washing machine, washing dirty clothes were a staggering process because everything has to be done manually. The labor you have to exert in cleaning the laundry is time consuming that most people have to allot a specific day just to do the washing chores. An entire washing process used 50 gallons of water (400 pounds) and all of which have to be moved from pump to stove and to the rinsing tub. These made the arms of the women worn out as they have to endure the washing of heavy clothes and being exposed to caustic substances.

And so at last the first washing machine was born. This appliance was solely made to eliminate the rubbing and scrubbing process needed to remove the stained off the clothes. The earliest models were manually operated by hand and it was eventually upgraded in the 1930’s when it was operated by a low-speed single-cylinder gasoline engine.
Over time, the simple mechanism of the washer was further upgraded until it became a major appliance in the common household. Some latest models of today even include a microchip that monitors the entire washing process and basically doing everything.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Washing Machine:

If you want to make sure that you are going the buy the right washing machine that will suit your needs, here are some important things you should know in buying washing machines:

1. The features must be attuned according to your needs – The first thing that you have to consider is to determine the load capacity of the washer that you’re going to purchase. A standard for cubic feet of washing machine can match the needs of a family having 4 members or less. But if you have a larger family, then you should think of buying a larger machine, if that’s the case.

Another important feature you have to look into is choosing between a top load washer and a front load. You have to go deeper into the specification if you want to make sure that you are going to get the right washer. A front load is usually energy efficient compared to top loads. It is made to durable metal and it is less noisy when washing the dirty laundry. Most models are automatic and can do the entire washing process in just one touch of the button. The downside however is that you can’t avoid the foul odor that goes along with the washing process.

The top load washer on the other hand, is cheaper compared to front loads. It is made of high quality plastic and may require some manual intervention during washing. It is lighter unlike the front load washer, but it can produce the same quality of washing as the front load washer.

Speaking of the noise made during the washing of clothes, look for the one that includes the Direct-drive motor function as this reduce the vibration produced by the motor at the height of the cleaning the laundry. Make sure also to check on the additional space that comes with the machine. A stackable washing machine is recommended if you area is limited or you can opt to buy a two-in-one washer (washer and dryer combined) to save some much needed space in your residence.

2. Go for the brand that’s already tested for making high quality washing machines – Another important factor in choosing a washing machine is the manufacturer of the product itself. The brand of the machine can easily define the quality of the product you are going to buy. Some brands are known to be durable because they were able to endure the test of time while others are patronized by consumers because of the hi-tech functions they incorporate in the machines. Some of the well-known and reputable products when talking about manufacturing washing machines are the following: General Electric, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG. These brands are by far, the best in making washers and you will definitely get your money’s worth on all of the products that they are selling.

A sample of energy seal
A sample of energy seal

In order to be unbiased, it’s better to listen to the voice of the consumers who have already purchased and used their products. Read some internet review about the tops washers that they are selling on the market and know the pros and con of each model. This will help set the right expectations and will eventually aid you in making the right decision in buying the washer that’s suitable for your needs.

3. Always look for the energy seal – Never forget to look for the energy star symbol that confirms if the product is a real energy saver. A washing machine having a rating of 4 or 5 stars is an excellent choice because this will help you in saving at least 25% off on your monthly electric consumption. The energy seal is often labeled at the front of the washer so that consumers will be able to see it right away. However, if you are having a hard locating then you should ask the salesperson for some help.


To sum up all of this, choosing the right washing machine depends on the kind of lifestyle that you have, the space available in your house to accommodate the machine, as well as the money you are willing to pay for the product.  The features are important because you are buying this machine to make your washing chores a lot easier. Hopefully, the tips mentioned will help you in finding the right washing machine that’s suitable for your needs.

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