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The right evening dress can make any night out feel exhilarating and can make it feel as though all eyes are gravitating towards you in admiration. Make their heads turn and look at you in sheer awe as if they are staring at the beautiful Athena itself coming down from the heavens and mesmerizing mankind. A woman needs an evening dress for all occasions that allows her to be comfortable and Goddess-like. The dress says everything wearing the right outfit for a date or an evening party will make you noticed right away without even trying. A stunning dress can do the world of good for a woman's confidence, which is why it is essential to get the right evening dress that enables you to tackle a night out with grace and eloquence. Make a statement by choosing an evening dress that is unique and incredibly dazzling to show the world that you are a strong and beautiful woman. Evening dresses come is a wide variety of styles and colors to appease every woman's discriminating sense of fashion. It also comes in various cuts from the sexier to the more conservative kind to show off your lovely personality in an endearing way.
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Customers' Reviews
  1. Sheath/Column Halter Sweep/Brush Train Sleeveless Chiffon Stretch Satin Dress

    Two months ago I ordered some print patterned shift dresses for the spring and I liked what I saw. These dresses are just right for my body type and the designs on these dresses were youthful yet not too childish looking. I also ordered some wedge shoes and they offered them in size 10, a size that is hard for me to find at most shoe stores. This is one of the best sites I’ve seen for spring and summer clothing and I already recommended your site to friends. I’m currently shopping for wedding favors for a cousin’s wedding and the favors on your site look great! My favorites are the elephant resin card holders, bamboo hand fans, bird’s nest salt shakers, and the stainless steel manicure kit. There is a sophistication about the items on TheGreenGuide's website and this is why it has become one of my favorite places to shop these days.

    Customer: Betty Date:06/07/2017

  2. A-line Square Floor-length Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress

    All along, my plan was to look for a wedding dress for my twin sister, so I ordered one at TheGreenGuide. I can proudly say that I was not disappointed, as it certainly arrived in time, and guess what? It was a custom made one that was ordered with measurements. The day it came and she tried it on, it was breathtaking as it fitted her perfectly. I highly recommend everyone to visit TheGreenGuide if they want quality and nothing but quality.

    Customer: Vaiyanthimalar Date:06/16/2017

  3. Sheath/Column Spaghetti Straps Floor-length Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

    I really needed a prom dress to wear for my first date. I really had no idea where I would get the best quality and quick delivery. I was recommended by my friend to try TheGreenGuide, and I did exactly that. Good news is that the dress was breathtaking! The design was just perfect, and the measurements were on point, in that it was fitting the same way a glove fits the hand! Keep up with the goof work!

    Customer: Alba Date:06/27/2017

  4. Sheath/Column V-neck Short/Mini Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

    Evening dresses have been my love since a long time ago. Recently, I ordered one from TheGreenGuide, so that I would wear it in some date I was scheduled to. I sent my measurements and the color, and before even the delivery day came, I had received the package. It was nicely packed, and upon opening it, I was delighted to find out that it fulfilled my expectations. I am absolutely exited to wear it come the big day. Thanks TheGreenGuide for the good work you are doing. I will be purchasing from you always!

    Customer: Kechia Date:07/08/2017

  5. A-line V-neck Floor-length Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

    I like companies with good customer service. I often find myself intimidated in stores when the sales rep's don't seem to care about me. With TheGreenGuide, they were so polite when I had to contact them about some questions I had. I didn't think I would, but I ordered my wedding dress from TheGreenGuide. It was all due to their kindness with my queries. They seemed like they cared a lot about their product. And my dress couldn't have arrived in better condition. I'm so excited to wear it on my big day.

    Customer: Laura Date:07/19/2017

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