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The right evening dress can make any night out feel exhilarating and can make it feel as though all eyes are gravitating towards you in admiration. Make their heads turn and look at you in sheer awe as if they are staring at the beautiful Athena itself coming down from the heavens and mesmerizing mankind. A woman needs an evening dress for all occasions that allows her to be comfortable and Goddess-like. The dress says everything wearing the right outfit for a date or an evening party will make you noticed right away without even trying. A stunning dress can do the world of good for a woman's confidence, which is why it is essential to get the right evening dress that enables you to tackle a night out with grace and eloquence. Make a statement by choosing an evening dress that is unique and incredibly dazzling to show the world that you are a strong and beautiful woman. Evening dresses come is a wide variety of styles and colors to appease every woman's discriminating sense of fashion. It also comes in various cuts from the sexier to the more conservative kind to show off your lovely personality in an endearing way.
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Customers' Reviews
  1. Sheath/Column Chiffon Sweep/Brush Train Halter Evening Dress

    I have never had a successful dinner date with my husband like the way I had the other day thanks to TheGreenGuide. I placed an order for a red sexy dress two days before the actual day of the dinner and honestly, I did not expect that the dress would be there in time. This is probably due to the experiences that I have had with the previous online stores. The point is from today onwards I will be placing all my dresses and related products orders with TheGreenGuide. Keep up the good work TheGreenGuide.

    Customer: Ellen Date:08/10/2017

  2. A-line Taffeta Floor-length Strapless Mother of the Bride Dress With A Wraps

    My homecoming dress was spectacular! My parents loved the great price, but I loved how beautiful it made me feel. It looked even better on me than it did in the picture on your site. The coral color stood out among the other girl’s boring black dresses and even made a few of them a bit jealous!!! My date thought I looked hot. It was an incredible night.

    Customer: Janine Date:08/21/2017

  3. Trumpet/Mermaid V-neck Floor-length Sleeveless Satin Dress

    Seriously wish I had known about TheGreenGuide when I was getting married the first time around! I can’t believe how many dress options they have and colors! I am ordering not only my wedding dress, but all FIVE of my bridesmaid’s dresses through these guys too! I have literally spent weeks shopping in stores and couldn’t find what I wanted, and found it on their site in five minutes! Originally I was going to do all my girl’s in the same color, but because they have so many choices we are thinking about going shorter dresses to longer dresses and doing different shades for a sort of ombre look! I think this is really going to make my wedding special and I can’t wait to see these dresses in person, I have heard so many good things about them!

    Customer: Liliya Date:09/01/2017

  4. Sheath/Column One Shoulder Floor-length Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

    My daughter is getting married in four months and bought all of her dresses off this website! Her wedding dress (and tiara), her bridesmaids dress, and even a junior bride dress for her little sister. The only thing left was to find a “Mother of the Bride” outfit for me. I don’t do a lot of online shopping, and I was a little worried about buy a dress I couldn’t touch, but once she finally got me on here, I couldn’t stop browsing! I ended up getting a really pretty, soft gray dress that will flatter my figure, and a cute matching wrap. It’s pretty enough for the wedding and it’s something I will be able to wear again and again. So, if you’re an old fashioned Mom like me, give TheGreenGuide a try, I plan on using them again!

    Customer: Maria Date:09/12/2017

  5. A-line One Shoulder Sweep/Brush Train Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress

    I am very impressed by the quality dresses that TheGreenGuide offers, and I cannot stop staring at my beautiful prom dress which they did deliver safely to me from their stores. The floral dress was well fitting and it as well enhanced my curves accordingly. My prom date also was so impressed by my unique looks, and could not resist staring and smiling at me. I also must say that the dress won me the heart of my date as he won't stop talking about how gorgeous I looked. He is proud of me, and we are so close together than before. I will always shop at TheGreenGuide.

    Customer: Monika Date:09/23/2017

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